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We are excited to announce that Nile Talks is back! Join us in our new upcoming and wonderful opportunities for dialogue on loneliness, authentic human connections and how we can support each other be better persons all in the digital space.

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Nile Talks. Lifting your state of mind in the digital world

A Discussion on: Lifting Your State of Mind in the Digital World

Want to meet interesting people and engage in one on one meaningful dialogues? Join us for our third Nile Talks with certified Mindfulness Coach, Teacher, Published Author, and Inspirational Speaker Christoph Spiessens. 

Learn from mental health expert Christoph Spiessens about the deteriorating health effects of social media platforms and how you can uplift your state of mind in a digital world which is increasingly making us more anxious. What are real friends, how can you have more meaningful connections? These are just some of the things discussed in our last Nile Talks.

Nile Talks. How to Beat the Monday Blues while working from home? Arouba Kabir

A Discussion on: How to Beat the Monday Blues While Working From Home?

Everywhere you look people are talking about the joys and sorrows of the pandemic. from toilet paper shortages (remember that was a thing?) to animal shelters being empty for the first time ever. We found ways to adapt and survive the dark and gloomy reality of the coronavirus pandemic. So many people spent this time in loneliness, disconnected or worse even, closed at home with toxic or abusive people.

Join our second Nile Talks with Mental Health Therapist and founder of Enso Wellness Arouba Kabir. We will explore together the some of the causes of depression and anxiety and how meaningful connections and real friends can help us move on during these difficult times

A Discussion on: How  has the pandemic affected your mental health?

Nile is excited to introduce Nile Talks, a new fortnightly event series.

Every Nile Talks will feature experts, speaking on various exciting topics. The meeting will begin with a brief conversation with the guest speaker and will follow with one on one dialogues between the participants on the topic of the day.

Our first Nile Talks will feature a Q&A with Clinical Psychologist Anikha S J @scintillatecounselling 
The topic will be “How has the pandemic affected your mental health?” We will discuss together how people have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic the severe loneliness, the rise in depression and anxiety  and the importance of authentic human connections.

Nile Talks. How has the pandemic affected your mental health? Anikha S J